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Archaeological Museum "Marica Iztok - Radnevo"
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The archaeological museum "Maritsa Iztok" was established in 1992. Five scientific conferences, 15 exhibitions, more than 250 archaeological sites, including tombstones, necropolises, open settlements and settlement mounds, mineral complexes, fortresses and basilicas, have been held. 54 archaeological sites have been studied. The museum's fund has objects from the sites of the town of Galabovo and the lands of the villages of Mednikarovo, Iskritsa, Polski Gradets Mudrets, Glavan, Flamingos, Starozelets, Kovachevo and others. The Maritza East Highway has a rich temporary exposition. Its earliest finds date back to the Stone-Copper Age from the town of Galabovo. Among them are bones of female figures related to religious beliefs of people and two "cult tables". Interestingly, the collections of late-bronze jugs decorated with white chalk, imported from Ellada kilix, the collection of silver Roman coins from the village of Gledachevo. From the Roman era is also a masonry grave from the village of Mednikarovo. As a burial goods, a large quantity of pottery, earrings and a ring with its engraved name, Teodora, were found. Also from the Roman era are the glass balsamarium found in a burial mount near the village of Mudrets. The golden ornaments of the Roman era found near the same village were exhibited at the Europalia 2002 in Brussels in October. From the same funeral are also bronze vessels, bronze applications for toilet containers, bone needles. The museum houses gold and silver jewels from the early Bronze Age, which have no analogue in Bulgaria. The objects of the Middle Ages preserved in the museum are of interest. Between them are bronze and glass bracelets, bronze crosses, painted and sgraffito ceramics. For the popularization of the scientific work of the museum, 7 volumes from the series Maritsa-Iztok were published. Archaeological Research "and Volume I of the series" History and Culture of Radnevo and the Radnevo Region ".

Source:   A short video about the Museum

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee