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Regional Historical Museum - Lovech
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The beginning of the museum work in Lovech was put in 1895 by the members of the community center "Nauka". Until the middle of the 20th century, the institution developed as a social structure based on the voluntary work and donations of the citizens of Lovech and the surrounding area. In 1952 the museum was transformed into a state museum and in 1958 it became a district one. At present, the Lovech Museum is a well-established cultural organization with wide and varied activities and respectful influence on a regional and national level. Its structure includes seven departments - four specialized and three administrative.  Five are the sites, governed by the team – The Lovech Fortress, the Vasil Levski Museum, Kakrinsko Hanche, the Ethnographic Complex and “Atanas and Vasil Atanasovi “museum. The Ethnographic complex consists of two houses – the Drasova house and the Rashova house. Since the opening of the specialized hall for temporary exhibitions in 1993 till now the Lovech Museum has prepared and presented more than 60 temporary exhibitions. Some of them have been staying in other cities. Scientific and promotional activities are diverse and productive. The series "News" includes 11 volumes of academic texts printed between 1911 and 1995. The museum experts are authors of articles, reference books and specialized monographs, available as a bibliographic description of the Museum's website.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee

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