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Regional Historical Museum - Gabrovo
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The Regional Historical Museum in Gabrovo is the successor of the museum collections of the Aprilov High School, founded in 1883. In 1920 it was institutionalized through the Historigraphic Society created by Dr. Petar Tsonchev. In 1949 the museum became a state museum and acquired a building provided by the Gabrovo Municipality. In 1960 it was declared a district museum and in 2006 it became regional with scope of activity in the   Gabrovo Province.

The rich collections of the museum include exhibits from the Paleolithic era, the late antique civilization on these lands (IV - VI century), the First and Second Bulgarian States, the Ottoman rule, the Bulgarian Revival and the industrial upsurge of the “Bulgarian Manchester” to the present day .

The Regional Historical Museum - Gabrovo has a collection of nearly 100,000 units in its funds. The museum performs its work on the preservation and exhibition of movable cultural assets, the material and immaterial cultural heritage and the study of the history of the Gabrovo region. The museum maintains a main exposition and additional sites – The Detchkova house and the Interactive museum of Industry. It organizes educational programs and scientific events. Its structure includes six specialized sections and three administrative sections.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee