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Regional Historical Museum - Yambol
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The Yambol Museum is a successor to the local “Diana” Archaeological Society, founded in 1925. On April 2, 1953, the first state museum - the Museum of the Revolutionary Movement - was opened in the city. Soon it acquired the status of a district museum and  general history profile .  Its first exhibits are part of the museum collection of the Archaeological society. Since 2006 the Yambol Museum is a regional one.

At present, the funds as a whole include about 90000 exhibits of national history, some of which have invaluable scientific value distributed in the relevant departments. The museum has dozens of publications with scientific and popular publications on various regional historical issues. . In 1995, museum specialists began publishing "Yambol Museum News". The museum's funds continue to be filled annually both by collections and donations, as well as by the decades of excavations of the ancient city of Kabile and a prehistoric settlement mound near the village of Drama. The result of these studies are three international symposia "Urban life in Thrace" and numerous scientific publications.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee