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Regional Historical Museum - Vidin
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The Historical Museum is one of the oldest scientific and cultural institutes in Vidin. The beginning of the museum dates back to 1910 when the Archaeological Society was established and the first museum collection was arranged. The museum has a well-built and complete structure corresponding to its general historical profile. This structure includes seven specialized departments. The library's fund, with more than 4600 volumes, serves museum specialists as well as many institutions, citizens, students and students. The museum funds store more than 63,000 exhibits. The exposition is divided into three main sites, one of which is the medieval fortress "Baba Vida".

The museum organizes educational and promotional programs as well as other cultural events. Expositions are traditionally arranged, but show valuable artifacts and interesting restorations of cultural and social life in the region. Although not well presented on the Internet, the Vidin Museum is a promising and significant cultural institution in the district and Northwestern Bulgaria as a whole.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee