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Regional Historical Museum - Veliko Tarnovo
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The Regional Historical Museum in Veliko Tarnovo is the successor of one of the oldest museum structures in the country - the Tarnovo Archaeological Society, founded in 1879. The first exhibition of the Museum was arranged in 1914 in community center "Nadezhda". In 1953 the museum receives its own building, where the archaeological exposition is housed today.  The network of museum objects expanded in the 1960s and 1970s, and in the 1980s the Veliko Tarnovo Museum became one of the largest and most prestigious cultural institutions outside the capital Sofia, in preserving the movable historical heritage. Since 2000 the museum has a status of a regional one. Its structure includes 7 specialized departments and three administrative departments. The museum takes care for 10 churches, 4 reserves and 11 separate sites. It conducts archaeological and other studies on the territory of Veliko Tarnovo region. It supports intensive research. It has its own periodical edition. It also publishes other texts - monographs, booklets, catalogs. On average annually, the objects of RHM - Veliko Tarnovo are visited by about half a million citizens and guests of the city.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee