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Regional Historical Museum - Silistra
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The first museum in Silistra was established in 1998 as a modest collection of the State Pedagogical School. From 1943 the museum goes to the “Dorostol” Community Center. In 1967 permanent expositions of the Archeology and Revival departments were opened at the Medjidi Tabia fortress. During the year the Ethnographic Museum settled its exposition in a building from the middle of the 19th century, a former Ottoman Konak, located on Otets Paisii Str. In 1978 two new expositions - "History of Capitalism and the Revolutionary Workers Movement" and "Socialist Building" - were opened on the second floor of the Art Gallery in the city. On May 18, 1990, the new archeological exhibition of the Historical Museum in Silistra was officially opened. It is housed in a building - an architectural monument of culture, built between 1923 and 1924 as a branch of the Romanian National Bank. Since 2006 the museum has the status of regional one.

In addition to the permanent archeological and ethnographic expositions, the Museum takes care of the “Dorostorum-Drastar-Silistra” Archeological Reserve, the Late Roman Tomb, the Thracian Rock Cult Center and the Thracian Sanctuary, the Kurshumlu Mosque and the Turkish Mezhidi Tabia Fortress. It develops educational and promotional activities. Its academic journals are among the most authoritative museum publications in the country.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee