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Regional Historical Museum - Pernik
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Regional Historical Museum - Pernik was established in 1953 as a town museum. In 1957 the first exhibition was opened. Since 1959, it has grown into a District People’s Museum and in 1968 administrative and structural changes have taken place, and it is called the District Historical Museum.  It has a general historical character with the following departments: "Archaeology", "Ethnography", "Bulgarian history XVI-XVIII c.", "New and recent history", "Public relations", "Funds". It also has a restoration workshop. There is a host, accountant, hygienist. The total number of staff is 18 (including director). The exhibition of the Historical Museum was opened in 1973 and was renovated in 1978. Visitors are about 11,000 people a year. In recent years, temporary exhibitions have been organized. The funds hold 17,085 units of a basic fund and 37,833 of a research funds - a total of 54,918 units. The following collections are formed: prehistoric ceramics, urban life in the Middle Ages, votive tablets of the Thracian Horseman, icons collection, numismatic collection, ethnographic fabrics, busin ceramics, English and Russian weapons.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee