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Regional Historical Museum - Pleven
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The Regional Historical Museum in Pleven is a scientific and cultural-enlightening institute, an independent legal entity on budget support to the Pleven Municipality. It carries out its activities in the searching, exploration, presentation, preservation and promotion of the monuments of culture, natural specimens, flora and fauna on the territory of Pleven region where significant archaeological sites have been discovered - the Roman city of Ulpia Eskus near the village of Gigen, the Late Antiquity and Early Byzantine fortress Storgozia near Pleven and the medieval Bulgarian fortress in Nikopol. According to the profile, the museum is a general history one with a natural science department. Its structure includes the following main specialized departments: Archaeology; History of Bulgaria XV - XIX c .; New and Recent  history; Ethnography; Nature; Funds, Scientific archives Specialized library; Media relations and Museum educational Programs; Workshop for restoration and conservation.

The museum and museum funds are located in a representative two-storey building - a cultural monument of national significance, with a total area of ​​about 7000 m2 and a park with an open exposition of 3,7 hectares. The main fund of the museum includes more than 180,000 museum units. The museum's specialized library has over 10,000 volumes of scientific literature and periodicals.

Since 1976, together with the museums in Vratsa, Vidin and Montana, the museum in Pleven participated in the publication of the annual   “News  of the museums in Northwest Bulgaria” of which 27 volumes have been printed so far.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee