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Regional Historical Museum "Stoyu Shishkov" - Smolyan
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The first museum institution in the region was established on 26 May 1935 in the village of Ustovo on the initiative of the influential intellectual Stoyu Shishkov. The Regional Historical Museum in Smolyan is the successor of the Rhodope People’s Museum in Raikovo, established in the end of 1951. Originally, this museum is ethnographic, but the historical, archeological and artistic departments  are gradually opened. In 1967 the museum was transformed into District Museum of History. Since 2002, the Historical Museum in Smolyan is officially named after its founder, Stoyu Shishkov. In 2006, it acquired the status of a regional museum with area of ​​activity Smolyan province.  At present, the Museum is active in preserving and promoting the movable cultural assets belonging to its collections. Its structure includes five specialized and two administrative departments. It maintains a permanent exhibition and organizes a number of cultural events - independently and in partnership with other organizations. It develops active research and international activities.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee