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National Museum of Education - Gabrovo
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The museum was established in 1974 and is the memory of Bulgarian education. It has over 175,000 documents, photographs and materials related to the educational work from the X century to the present day. The museum fund has over 75,000 archive units. The specialized pedagogical library at the museum has more than 30 000 volumes, with a department of "Old-printed literature". The museum operates a photo lab and an audiovisual studio room for temporary video exhibitions. Presented are reconstructions of a school, a kindergarten from the end of XIX century and the first new Bulgarian school. The museum has six halls. Since 1986, the museum has been a member of the UNESCO CODE (Subregional Mechanism for Cooperation in Research and Development in Educational Innovation in Southeastern and Southern Europe). Since 2000, the NME has been incorporated into the Usit Colors system. The museum publishes studies on the history of education and maintains contacts with educational institutions.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee