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Regional Historical Museum - Haskovo
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The museum was established in 1927. It contains collections of prehistoric, antique and medieval objects, as well as an ethnographic collection. From 1935 the official name is "Haskovo Archaeological Museum". Until 1975, the museum was housed in the Kirkovo School. In 1975 a new building was opened, equipped with cabinets, funds and exhibition area. Today, more than 120,000 movable cultural assets are stored in the main historical museum. The largest project was the result of the opening of the Thracian tomb from the 6th century b. c. near the village of Alexandrovo in 2000. A gift from the Japanese government is the “Museum of Thracian Art in the Eastern Rhodopes” , built close to the village of Aleksandrovo. The Haskovo Museum maintains a variety of popularizing and research activities. The archaeological exposition is undergoing renovation.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee