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Museum Complex - Berkovitsa
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The Berkovitsa Museum is a municipal cultural institute responsible for preserving the movable cultural heritage of the town and the municipality. It takes care of three historical sites - Art Gallery, Ethnographic Museum, “Ivan Vazov” House Museum. It was established as a Museum of Ivan Vazov, founded in 1950 and opened for visitors in 1957. In 1963 it was decided to create a municipal museum with seven departments, including "Nature" and "Art". Some more expositions have gradually been created, with emphasis on ethnographic and artistic collections. By decision № 172 of 30.03.2012 of the Municipal Council - Berkovitsa ,House Museum "Ivan Vazov" enters into the composition of the Berkovitsa Museum Complex, which is an independent legal entity. The museum thus unifies the existing Ethnographic Museum, the Ivan Vazov House Museum and the Otets Paisii Town Art Gallery in the town of Berkovitsa. The Berkovitsa museum complex is: by type : general , by territorial scope: local and by form of ownership: municipal.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee

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