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Ethno-archeological museum - Zlatograd
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As the basis of the Museum stands the collection of the businessman Alexander Mitushev, which was in 2015  exhibited in six halls. The museum preserves values ​​related to the Rhodope region, but there are also materials from other regions of the country. Interesting are  the identified counterfeits that are exposed to get acquainted with the process of creating and pouring into collections - mostly private. The museum is still establishing and incorporating into the cultural life of the border town. The opening of the Museum caused a response in the media, mostly related to the status and content of the collection.

The museum is part of the Zlatograd Ethnographic Areal Complex. It is housed in a house - an architectural monument of culture that once belonged to Alexander Chanov - a wealthy producer of abas and a tobacco trader. The museum is in a common yard with the "Belovedovo" tavern, the two buildings being connected by a warm connection and represent a kind of architectural ensemble from the second half of the 19th century.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee