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Museum of History of Medicine - Varna
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The Museum of History of Medicine in Varna is the only one in the country. It is housed in a building that was the first donor hospital on our lands, built in 1869 with funds from the  Parskeva Nicholas bequest. It is declared a monument of culture of national importance. The museum is in the department of the Medical University - Varna.
The exhibition is arranged in three halls, where the development of medicine is traced as practice, art and science from the earliest antiquity to the present day.
The museum has one of the richest anthropological collections in the country, covering the period of V millennium BC until the end of the 14th century . The bone material found in archaeological excavations on our lands is evidence about the health and illness of the ancient people, their attitude to life and death.
The antique bronze and iron medical instruments in the exhibition prove the presence of a high medical culture. Coins with images of the health deities - Asclepius, Hygie, Telespore, etc., minted and found on our lands, confirm the importance of medicine in that ancient age.
The creation of the Bulgarian state in 681 determined the further development of medicine. The skull with trapanations and the presented skull deformations are accents in the exposition.
Therapies and practices used by the people's healers are shown. Documents and objects from the Revival period testify to the development of medicine.
A large number of instruments and apparatus exposed in the third room.  It shows the  rapid advances in medical science and practice after the Liberation. Personal items and documents are introduced to prominent medical practitioners in Bulgaria. Particularly attractive are the old pharmacy and the old dentistry, dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The museum has a specialized library of old medical literature. It is not only a place where the memory of the past of medicine is kept, but an institution in which celebrations, meetings, exhibitions, conferences are organized.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee