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Rila Monastery Museum
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The National Museum "Rila Monastery" was established in 1961. From the same year, it was proclaimed as a nationwide property and was handed over to the state by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. In 1991, The monastic status of the monastery is restored, as is its ownership of the real estate, preserving in its entirety the museum exposition. The museum remains to act as a dedicated unit in the structure of the monastery.

The artistic values ​​are stored in eight repositories, according to their climate classification and according to their museum classification: metal, fabrics, carving icons, paintings, manuscripts, old-fashioned books, coins and others.

The rich possessions of the Rila Monastery have allowed for fourteen thematic museum expositions to be formed organically in the complex of the monastery and in the churches outside. They reflect not only important moments from the monastery's history, but also form a complete understanding of our understanding of different aspects of Bulgarian culture.

The permanent exhibition presents with more than 600 exhibits the historical development of the monastery from its creation to the present day. Outstanding works of ecclesiastical art, ethnographic materials, archival documents, weapons. The library of the Rila Monastery is also very rich. The collection of coins amounts to more than 4400 samples from the Middle Ages to the present day.


A short video about the museum of the  Monastery

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee