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Art Gallery "George Papazov" - Yambol
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The Art Gallery "George Papazov" - Yambol started in 1952 as an art department at the Historical Museum. The building of the former Synagogue was declared a cultural monument of 18.11.1967 and adapted for an art gallery in 1979. Adaptation was made together with another building - a former TPK, connected viaa warm connection. The total area is 2500 square meters, of which 1700 are expositional.

The gallery has a fund of more than 3,500 movable cultural assets. "George Papazov" is proud of the great works of artists from Yambol - Alexander Popgeorgiev, Ivan Slavov, George Papazov, Georgi Popov - John, Georgi Atanasov, Stefan Bachvarov and others.

The permanent exhibition presents fine and decorative arts, as the boundary between them has long existed. It includes the great Bulgarian artists - Vladimir Dimitrov - The Master, Vasil Barakov, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, Stoyan Venev, Vera Nedkova, Dimitar Kazakov, Atanas Yaranov, Svetlin Rusev and others.

From the quadriennales of the decorative arts - Yambol 1975, 1979, 1983, 1989, the gallery has the most significant works in the field of artistic textiles, carving, ceramics, metal, glass, leather, ornaments of authors such as Mara Yosifova, Marin Varbanov, Assen Vassilev, Kancho Tsanev, Anton Donchev, Venko Kolev and others.

Interesting are the works of the foreign authors: David Robards, Auguste Renoir, Juan Miro, Roger Somville, Francisco Dosamante, Atsuo Sakatsueme, Zoran Todovich - Dado and others. There is a separate hall presenting the graphic collection of the gallery of the most prominent Bulgarian and foreign authors. A special emphasis in the exposition is etching of Renoir, as well as the works of Japanese graphiers.

Art Gallery "George Papazov" has an extremely valuable collection of 348 icons and church plateau, dating back to the 16th-20th centuries, presenting various iconographic schools. The permanent exposition includes some of the most valuable exhibits from the gallery fund.

The exhibition life of Georges Papazov is dynamic, creative and very rich. The Gallery performs a cultural dialogue with the NMBII, NAG,Sofia Art Gallery , AG- Stara Zagora  Petko Zadgorski AG - Bourgas, AG - Dobrich, AG - Sliven, House - Museum Zlatyu Boyadjiev - Plovdiv, Atelier - collection "Svetlin Rusev and many others. It organizes exhibitions of famous Bulgarian artists and exhibits annual prestigious exhibitions of Yambol authors, offers hospitality at national and regional exhibitions of children's and student's artistic work, hosts national photo exhibitions, guest exhibitions presented by cultural centers from different countries of Europe and the world .

"Georges Papazov" is the initiator and organizer of the annual international painting festival "The Singer of the Tundja".

The gallery performs active and publishing activities and is a favorite place for concerts, musical-poetic performances and authors' events.

The entire varied activity of the gallery makes it an attractive cultural center in the town of Yambol.


Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee