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Etnographic - Archaeogical Museum - Elhovo
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The idea of ​​a museum in the town of Elhovo has existed since the 1930s but became a reality in 1958, after the successful finalization of the efforts of its founder Ivan Zhelyazkov. Its history begins with the opening of a museum collection whose first exposition is mainly ethnographic. In 1966 the museum was specialized as ethnographic, and in 2008 its profile was extended to Ethnographic and archaeological.

The museum is located in a beautiful border of the countryside in the valley of Dolna Tundja, an area with a complex and varied historical destiny, whose population has nevertheless managed to preserve the beauty and purity of its customs and customs. It is located in two separate buildings, where the ethnographic and archaeological expositions are unfolded.

More than 23 000 exhibits are preserved in the museum fund, of which over 14 000 are the main ethnographic museum fund, distributed in the following collections: Agriculture and Herding, Home and residential layout , Transportation, Hunting and Fishing, , "Clothing and Decorations", "Fabrics and Embroidery", "Traditional Crafts", "Artistic Folk Art". More than 1,000 movable cultural assets are preserved in its main archaeological fund.

The museum has over 3,300 volumes of specialized literature and over 1,700 specialized scientific journals available to students, students and lecturers.

Its activity is carried out by 4 museum specialists.

The museum is a winner of the Cyril and Methodii Order - I degree and the award "Coat of arms of Elhovo" - gold.

Ethnographic and Archaeological Museum - Elhovo is № 100 in the National Movement, 100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.


Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee