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Historical Museum - Pirdop
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The "Lukanova House" Museum - Pirdop, 19 Slavovtsi Street, is an architectural monument of local significance. It is owned by Pirdop Municipality. The house was built in the period 1870-1872 for the family of the famous Pirdopian Revival teacher, literary and merchant Luca h. Pavlov (11.VI.1828 - 17.V.1884). The owner was the first Bulgarian Revival publisher of lithography with the images of St. Cyril and Methodius in lithography in 1858, one of the founders of the Community centre in Pirdop and after the Liberation was elected by the population as a member of the Constituent Assembly and the First Grand National Assembly in 1879 In Tarnovo. He was also a deputy in the First and Second Ordinary National's Assemblies, also a member of the District Council in 1883.

 Besides architectural, the building is also a historical monument, since immediately after the liberation of the city from Ottoman rule, the first municipal government was established. Here was the head of the administrative authority in the temporary Russian ruler Nikolay Bernikov, the District Administration, the District Court, the Municipal Council and the Police Station.
       The owners had the house restored to them in the middle of the 20th century and  again alienated to become a place for  historic museum collection and declared a monument of culture of local importance in 1965 by a decision of the Executive Committee of the City Council of Pirdop. The heirs, however, lived in it until 1970, when the restoration of the house began. It was done according to an adaptation plan of arch. Violeta Vankovska and other specialists from NIMC since November 1969. The  area of ​​the house is 145 sq. M. and the volume is 810 cubic meters. The yard currently covers 1450 sq. M.

   The historical museum collection was opened on June 1, 1984. Dr. Georgi Nenchovski is the author of the Thematic Exposition Plan and the exhibition is located in eight halls and a foyer on horizontal and vertical glass windows. It covers the past of Pirdop and the area from Antiquity to the 70s of the XX century.


Virtual tour in the Lukanova house

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee