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Historical Museum - Pravets
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Historical Museum - Pravets is a research and educational institution that registers, collects, documents, investigates, protects, preserves and promotes the cultural values ​​of the region of Pravets Municipality. It was opened on April 18, 1981, and in 1983 it was included in the museum network of Bulgaria. The permanent exhibition presents the development of the area from antiquity to the mid-twentieth century.  It includes the original reconstruction of the burial rites of the Roman period (II-III.) and an authentic ethnographic area.

Priorities of the museum are development of  extensive exhibition activities - organizing and presentation of visiting exhibitions, periodically enrichment of  the permanent exhibition with new exhibits, presentation of valuable exhibits from the museum fund that are not included in temporary exhibitions, timely exposure and promotion of open movable and immovable cultural values ​​after every archaeological season, conducting archaeological and ethnographic research in the region (the ancient fortress  Borovets near the village of Razliv, the  Medieval  church "St. Bogorodica" from the fourteenth century,  part of the monastery complex in Osikovitsa, mounds from  the Thracian and Roman period). The museum develops, applies and works on projects of national and European programs, applies innovations in its research and popularization activities to improve the accessibility and promotion of cultural heritage.

The following branches are functioning at the Pravets Museum:
Museum complex - Pravets includes a building  with an unique exhibition of the collection of gifts for Todor Zhivkov from all around the world received by him as head of state of Bulgaria, and an architectural and ethnographic reconstruction of Late Revival house from the nineteenth century. (Home of Todor Zhivkov).
The old class school in Vidrare village was built in 1846-1847 and opened in 1848. The museum exposition reflects the historical development of Vidrare village since ancient times, an original 19th century classical reconstruction is  presented.
The inn of Vouthy Popivanov (Tunyakovski han) in Vidrare was built in 1820. The hideout of Vasil Levski and the authentic interior of the inn are preserved. It reflects the work of the Secret Revolutionary Committee "Hasan Kassan" from the time of V. Levski.
Museum exposition at "Vasil Levski" Primary School presents the history and the development of the education in Pravets from 1820 to the present day.


Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee