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Historical Museum - Botevgrad
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The first conscious necessity of building a museum collection in Botevgrad, then Orhanie, is note and shared in Orchanie News, issue 1, 10.01.1927, when among the forthcoming tasks of the cultural and social elite of the town is noted the creation of "archaeological Museum at the Community center ".

The organizational beginning of the museum work in Botevgrad was put by  Asen Stefanov, director of the local high school, in the school year 1936/37. With the help of teachers, pupils and parents, many documentary, material and ethnographic materials have been collected. They are arranged in one of the classrooms and the collection was opened on 24.05.1937.

In 1952, enriched and expanded, the collection was declared a state museum. As a result of many years of collecting work, several museum exhibitions were organized, the last of which was opened in 1991. From May 3, 2011, The Botevgrad Historical Museum was moved to the renovated building of the old court. The museum fund, complete with original documents, photos and possessions, exceeds 15,000 units.


Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee