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Historical Museum - Oriahovo
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Created in 1939 by Nikola Kotsev, today the Historical Museum owns a fund of over 4,500 exhibits. Unique in character are the statue "Good Shepherd" and the Stone Cross from the 4th century - wonderful examples of early Christian art. The statue "Good Shepherd" participated in two international exhibitions organized in Rome and Brussels. The museum is housed in the house of Revival figure  Philip Simidov, declared a monument of culture. It is a two-storey city building, built in the late 19th century in the late baroque style. Three halls are arranged for a visit. Two of them have permanent expositions - "Archeology" and "Renaissance". In the third room, temporary exhibitions are held on different topics.

Ethnographic House at the Historical Museum - Oryahovo

The Ethnographic House is in a Renaissance style and is part of the color of the Oryahovo Old Charshia. It was restored in 1989, preserving its Revival style. Visitors can get acquainted with the traditions of the Oryahovo region endorsed by the “People's Lifestyle and Culture” exhibition and the “Urban Behavior and Culture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries” exhibition. In the third hall is the temporary exhibition devoted to the folk musician and composer Diko Iliev. There is a rich photo material of the life and work of the author of the "Danube Horo", loved by all Bulgarians, personal items and scores. In the ethnographic house can be seen paintings and sculptures from the fund of the art collection "Prof. Marin Varbanov "(department of the museum). Since 2007, a new hall has been opened in a municipal building in the center of Oryahovo, which is designated as a picture gallery.


A short video abouth the museum

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee