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Art Gallery - Mezdra
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The Art Gallery in Mezdra was opened on 28 December 1971 and was the first one in the Vratsa district outside the district center. It owns works  by the great artists Andrey Nikolov, Ivan Funev, Iliya Petrov, Vassil Zahariev, Tsenko Boyadzhiev, Boyan Petrov, Evtim Tomov, Boris Kolev, Bissera Prahova, Maria Nedkova and others. Creative links with the National Art Gallery, the Sofia City Art Gallery and many others are supported. Exhibitions of the UBA members are arranged. In the traditional exhibition "Natives", both well-known names in national art and young artists from the municipality participated.

The first curator of the gallery is Lyubomir Minkovski. A long-time curator of the TAGis Veneta Balkanska. Currently, Svetla Damianovska is involved in art management, fund and expositions of TAG.

At present, the Town Gallery has a rich collection of works by the emblematic authors of the municipality: the sculptors Prof. Ivan Funev, Georgi Toshev, Petko Mitchev, the painters Dimitar Makedonski, Pavlin Kotsev, Nikolai Kuchkov, Lyubomir Minkovski and others. The gallery maintains creative relationships with similar institutions in the area, shows the most valuable works of the fund or temporary exhibitions of talented contemporary authors in their halls.

Traditional for the gallery is the exhibition "Women in Art", which has been held every spring since 2004, and the "Painting the Kaleto" Plainer, held in May in AC “Kaleto”  under the "Mezdra Magic" project will have this year it’s second edition. The gallery displays an average of 12 temporary exhibitions each year. The museum’s  educational programs "Classics and Modernity in Bulgarian Fine Arts" and "Bulgarian Folk Art Traditions" are set for the students.


Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee