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Historical Museum - Provadia
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In 1959, in the house of Stefan Bogdanov, a war volunteer from Provadia, a museum collection was set up and an exposition was arranged. For years it has been among the richest in the country. On 01.01.2005, the collection was granted the status of a museum. Its fund has collected around 15,000 objects from the cultural and historical heritage of Provadia and the settlements of the former region. Archaeological finds from Prehistory, Antiquity, Middle Ages, materials from the Ottoman period, New and Recent History of the region are preserved. Highlights of the museum's exhibition are the earliest salt-producing center "Provadia-Solnitsa", the late antique and medieval fortress Ovech, the administrative, military and spiritual center of Northeastern Bulgaria during the Second Bulgarian State and the Old Bulgarian Monastery in Ravna village (IX-XI century) with a unique collection of 138 vessels (the largest in the country) and inscriptions (the most numerous in Slavic literature culture from the Early Middle Ages). In te museum can be  seen objects from urban and rural life, costumes from Sirta and Thrace, arms exposition presenting cool weapons and firearms from the middle of the 18th century to the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation and others.

The Historical Museum - Provadia is the starting point for a visit to the Ovech fortress, the ethnographic complex Lambova House, an exhibition devoted to the composer Svetoslav Obretenov and his family, the Art Gallery in the town, the museum collections in the villages of Manastir, Dobrinas, Gradinarovo, Chernook, Ravna, Petrov Dol , Cherkovna, Snezhina, Bozveli and others.


In 1967 a group of intellectuals created the Provadia Art Gallery. The beginning is made by the writer Vicho Ivanov, who donated 30  painting and graphics, and the family of painters Nicholas and Neva Tuzsuzovi, who donated the completed Cycle from Canvas "Tunisians" and "History".

The collection of the gallery for four decades has collected and stored over 320 works - painting graphics, sculptor. Among the prominent authors are Nenko Balkanski, Ilia Petrov, Stoyan Venev, Vasil Stoilov, Svetlin Rusev, Tsanko Lavrenov, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev and others. The art gallery is gradually becoming a cultural center of the town of Provadia.



Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee