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Historical Museum - Nova Zagora
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The Historical Museum in Nova Zagora is the birth of the enthusiasm of the founders of the archaeological society "Zagorie" from 1921, who aimed to collect, preserve and keep the antiquities in Novo zagora area. It is also the result of the tireless work of the history teacher Nikola Stefanov Koichev, who devoted his whole life to its construction. In 1926 an exhibition of archaeological materials was opened in the Geography Classroom of the Nova Zagora High School. In 1940 the collection was moved to the reading room of the Community center in the town. Since 1949, the museum has an independent building in which an exhibition of archaeological materials was arranged in 1950. The modern building of the museum was built in the period 1955-59. On 4.09.1960 the first exhibition in the Archeology Hall was opened. Today the museum of the town of Nova Zagora offers its visitors a huge collection of antique, prehistoric and medieval objects. You can look at them for a modest 50 stotinki for regular visitor and 20 stotinki for students. The museum has registered 511 burial mounds, 26 village mounds, 20 keeps, mineral baths and mines.

Thanks to the active collection and research activity of the museum's staff, Nikola Koychev, the museum now has a substantial fund of more than 40000 fund units, with which it can compete with many regional museums. Among them are archaeological and numismatic materials, followed by historical documents and photographs from the Revival and the New history, ethnographic and paleontological materials, paintings by Bulgarian artists. Some archeological and numismatic finds are unique, with outstanding expositional and scientific value. The museum has one of the richest collections in the country - pottery and plastics from the late Neolithic and Bronze Age, rich collections of glass and bronze vessels from antiquity, the largest find of ancient medical instruments, medieval ornaments and others. Many of these materials have participated in a number of exhibitions in the country and abroad (Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Germany, Austria, etc.).

The museum has a specialized scientific library of Bulgarian and foreign publications.


Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee