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Museum of the Ministry of the Interior
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The Museum of the Ministry of the Interior is housed in an old building in the center of Sofia. The building of the Museum of the Ministry of the Interior was built in 1912 under the project of Arch. Georgi Fingov in style secession. In 1976, the building was declared a cultural monument. The exposition briefly presents key moments in the history of the Ministry of Interior. The Museum's Fund includes a collection of works of fine arts with a theme from the everyday life of MoI officials.

Visitors can see documents and photos that reflect important events from the ministry's activities since its establishment to the present day.

Presented are materials from the museum funds related to the detection of petty crimes and known perpetrators over the years, technical equipment and facilities used by MoI officers at different times, as well as samples of the Bulgarian police armament (some of them presented for the first time before audience).

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee