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National Museum of Military History
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The National Museum of Military History (NMMH) is a state museum, which since its creation has been a structure of the Ministry of Defense (respectively the Ministry of War and the Ministry of National Defense).It  seeks, preserves, scientifically cultivates and promotes cultural values ​​related to national and European military history. NMMH is active in the whole country. The structure and its inherent activities are described in the Regulations issued by the Ministry of Defense.

For its almost centuries-old presence in the cultural and historical space, over 1,000,000 cultural values ​​have been preserved and researched in its funds, which are witnesses of the Bulgarian and European military history.

The National Military History Museum is a cultural and scientific institute that:

   -  Seeks, collects, acquires, stores, preserves, documents, promotes and presents cultural values ​​and models,  related to the Bulgarian military history with a cognitive, educational and aesthetic purpose.
    - Researches, registers, preserves and maintains the military monuments related to the Bulgarian military history
    - Perform the cultural, educational and information activities resulting from the preceding points
   -  Performs a research activity that is subordinate to its core business
    - Organizes and conducts scientific events (conferences, workshops, discussions, round tables, etc.)

The museum has commissions authorized by the Ministry of Culture to assess cultural values ​​- weapons, awards, and other items on its profile.

The National Military History Museum is specialized in thematic scope and national by territorial scope of activity and includes:

1. NMMH - Sofia

2. Affiliates:

    Naval Museum - Varna
    Park-museum of battle friendship - 1444 - Varna
    Aviation Museum - Krumovo.

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Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee