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National Museum "Vasil Levski" - Karlovo
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In 1937 the house, where Vasil Levski was born, opened as a museum. Its beginning is connected to the restoration of the Apostle’s house in 1933. In 1954, the house museum “Vasil Levski” is included in the state museum network. Since 1993 it is an independent museum. On the 21 of June, 2000 it is declared a state cultural institute of national importance and designated Museum “Vasil Levski” – Karlovo. For more than 65 years in the museum are collected and stored a number of items, documents, photos, related to the family, life and work of Vasil Levski, to his followers from Karlovo and the country. The “Vasil Levski” museum is one of the most visited memorial museums in Bulgaria, both In the past and to the present.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee