The site of the Bulgarian museums


The Institute for Applied Museology is an organization, whose management strategy includes participation in the networks of other public and private structures. Fully aware that the most productive and long – lasting results in the public interest are achieved by coalitions, established and working in a constructive manner, we are open for contacts with other institutions of similar profile. In the meantime, we express our readiness to cooperate with the Bulgarian museums and other organizations to find relevant partners in the fulfilment of specific projects or establishment of  long-term cooperation of mutual interest. In this regard, we accept inquiries in the contact form here, as well as the other possible ways that this site offers. If agreement is reached on a common work or a new cultural product is created, resulting from the cooperation that we have provided, we are ready to promote the finished work and to include the corresponding structure in the network of our main partners. 

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee