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The Institute for Applied Museology offers consultancy services on all matters related to the operation and management of museums in the country and the European Union. We have resources to assist you in preparing and changing you regulations, in the event of difficulties related to the financial activities and accounting and in fund and exhibition work. Our experts could help you in organizing events – local and national, in the identification of specific cultural values and in creating innovative museum products.

Among the priorities of the Institute is wider opening of the Bulgarian museums towards new segments of potential and real audiences and consumers of culture. In this regard, we are ready to assist you in looking for experts, appropriate to your profile and budget - a publisher for your museum books, a designer for a website or other digital products or a designer for permanent or temporary exhibition.

We also offer consultancy services on preparation of scientific conferences and symposiums – both in the terms of the event itself and in terms of scientific corpuses or other printed or digital materials, that promote the academic work. We are ready to provide contacts with leading scientists from the country or abroad, who can lead or participate in the forums of the Bulgarian museums.

All inquiries and suggestions can be registered in the proposed contact form, while trying your best to describe the issue you are contacting us  ,in the most correct and circumstantial way. The rule is to get a written response up to three days from the inquiry, while further form of cooperation is specified after that. On matters that are outside of our field of activity or that we  simply can’t help you, we will direct you to other institutions – including government.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee