The site of the Bulgarian museums


The Institute was established on  March 19, 2015 in Sofia and its operation is not limited by a period. The Statute does not foresee establishment of branches  in the country or abroad. The founding documents have passed  a procedure of approval by a chamber of the Sofia city court (case 202 / 2015), which allowed the registration of the association and  ordered its entry in the registry of the Court.

The Institute is filed in the Registry of civil nonprofit organizations, maintained by the Ministry of Justice. The Institute is a cultural organization, inscribed in the registry of the Ministry of Culture, maintanned odn the base as of art. 14 para. 4 of the Law on the Protection and Development of Culture – certificate No 14 (1230) from April 1, 2016.

Principle activities of the Institute

-          Prioritizing of the public interest

-          Openness and publicity of initiatives, activities and products

-          Loyal relationships with all partner structures -  state, private and civil

-          Emphasis  on the practical and applied  aspects  of the museum studies (or museum work) as a part of the cultural landscape of Bulgaria and Europe

-          Strict compliance with the Code of Ethics for Museums, developed and approved by the International Council of Museums – ICOM

-          Stimulating volunteering and other non – commercial forms of activities, inherent to the cultural sector

-          Teamwork, combined with horizontal management model

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee