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The Institute for Applied Museology is a civil non – profit organization, working in the public interest. The Institute operates within the boundaries of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union, while respecting existing legislation and non-formalized ethical norms of museum staff and the cultural sector as a whole.

The mission of the Institute is to enrich, expand and consolidate the public environment in which operate the museums and other institutions of memory in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The founders of the Institute are inspired by the idea of preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of the country and direct their efforts towards the following objectives:

*        Improving the quality of operation of the Bulgarian museum institutions in their basic inherent activities – fond, exhibition, promotional, research.

*        Providing a wider public space for the work of museum institutions.

*        Expanding the transparency of  museum activities and visibility of the museum institutions in regional, national and pan – European perspective.

*        Enrichment of the research and publishing activities of museums.

*        Strengthening the inter-museum communication – in national and international scope.

*        Consolidating the contacts between museums and other cultural organizations.

*        Consolidating the contacts between museums and the private sector.

*        Homogenization of the museum network in Bulgaria.

*        Preservation and enrichment of the cultural heritage as a fundamental principle, enshrined in the Law of Protection and Development of Culture – art. 2 para. 2

*        Encouragement of the research activity, related to the museums in Bulgaria, while providing national visibility and international recognition if this activity in accordance with art. 2 para. 2 of the Law for Encouragement of Scientific Research.

Translation Yordan Georgiev - trainee

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