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Digital Museum of Sport


The Museum of Physical Culture and Sports was digitalized under the project “Knowledge, popuarization and sustainable management of cultural and sports heritage through digitalization of the Museum of Physical Culture and Sports, Sofia” with a shortened title “Digital Museum of Sport”, funded by UNESCO’s Participation Programme 2020-2021 and implemented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports as beneficiary in partnership with National Sports Base. The project aims to create a virtual archive in the field of Bulgarian sport’s history, to promote the Museum of Physical Culture and Sports among different groups in society, as well as to modernize the museum’s material base. The museum is in possession of more than 5000 artefacts, as those exposed are aprox. 1000, due to the size of the exposition area.

            During the course of the project more than 1200 archived artefacts were digitalized, as they will be accessible for online viewing on the museum’s new website -, specially created for that purpose. A short advertising movie with the participation of famous Bulgarian athletes and contributors was produced with the aim to present the museum to the general public and visitors. A new logo and leaflets were made, as well as new bilingual signboards for the musuem’s exposed artefacts, whose special design has corresponding individual color codes for each sport. Virtually held lectures with the participation of 300 students from the sports schools in Bulgaria were organized. A dissemination conference was held with the presence of the Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Radostin Vasilev.

The project’s team consisted of Ms. Katya Dimitrova, Director of the museum, Ms. Erina Krasteva, the Digitalization Concept’s author, Mr. Borislav Ivanov from National Sports Base, creator of the new website and movie, and Mr. Bonchuk Andonov, the photographer who captured the museum’s artefacts. 



Видео от представянето на проекта

Contacts: tel. (02) 930-0702

Working Hours: (Mon-Fri) 9:00 – 17:00

Director: Katya Dimitrova